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         Sunday, March 18, 2018
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Saskatchewan Government
Saskatchewan Disease Control Laboratory ( formerly Provincial Laboratory )
Screening and Reference Testing
Telephone Number:
Mailing Address:
5 Research Drive, Regina, SK, Canada, S4S 0A4
Click to ExpandGeneral Chemistry306-787-3193
Click to ExpandMaternal Serum Screening306-787-8692
Click to ExpandNeonatal306-787-3142
Click to ExpandReference Testing Endocrinology306-787-3197
Click to ExpandCore Lab306-787-3055
Click to ExpandToxicology306-787-3197
Click to ExpandPost Mortem306-787-4341
Click to ExpandGail ThompsonManager, MSS, CRC, Chemistry306-798-1099
Click to ExpandMichele EtterManager, Newborn, Tox & Endo306-787-3196
Click to ExpandManager, Core306-798-3058
Click to ExpandKristin AgopsowiczLaboratory Technologist306-798-3197
Click to ExpandJaime ApablazaLaboratory Technologist306-787-3197
Click to ExpandJennifer BaillargeonLaboratory Scientist306-787-3197
Click to ExpandWendy BarrLaboratory Technologist306-787-3193
Click to ExpandCrystal BellegardeLaboratory Technologist306-787-3197
Click to ExpandMarie DalkeLaboratory Technologist306-787-3055
Click to ExpandNicole DreverLaboratory Technologist306-787-3055
Click to ExpandTara GanshornLaboratory Scientist306-787-3197
Click to ExpandLaura HerriotLaboratory Technologist306-787-3197
Click to ExpandRosemary JohnsonLaboratory Technologist306-787-3193
Click to ExpandFaith PidskalnyLaboratory Technologist306-787-3055
Click to ExpandJenette ProharLaboratory Technologist306-787-3193
Click to ExpandJennifer RaeLaboratory Technologist306-787-3193
Click to ExpandPatrick RogoschewskyLaboratory Technologist306-787-3197
Click to ExpandNadine RousseauxLaboratory Technologist306-787-3197
Click to ExpandChristine SchachtelLaboratory Technologist306-787-3197
Click to ExpandCharlene StephensLaboratory Technologist306-787-3193
Click to ExpandKatherine L AranasBiomedical Specimen Technician306-787-3131
Click to ExpandDr. Jennifer BillinskyLaboratory Scientist306-787-3197
Click to ExpandRhys DakuLaboratory Technologist306-787-3055
Click to ExpandNicole D DunnLaboratory Technologist306-787-3197
Click to ExpandPamela FoggLaboratory Technologist306-787-3193
Click to ExpandShayla FroehlichLaboratory Technologist306-787-3193
Click to ExpandTamara GilliesLaboratory Technologist306-787-3193
Click to ExpandSarah HusakLaboratory Technologist306-787-3197
Click to ExpandElyse JelinskiLaboratory Technologist306-787-3193
Click to ExpandTammy OttenbreitLaboratory Technologist306-787-3055
Click to ExpandAlexandra ProulxLaboratory Technologist306-787-3197

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