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      Monday, December 17, 2018
Saskatchewan Government Telephone Directory


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Saskatchewan Government
Agriculture Research Branch
Research Unit - Regina
Telephone Number:
Mailing Address:
Room 130, 3085 Albert Street, Regina, SK, Canada, S4S 0B1
Click to ExpandFaye BouchardManager, Research Unit306-787-5960
Click to ExpandHenry SoitaResearch Specialist, Livestock306-787-2256
Click to ExpandHarsha MarambeResearch Specialist, Processing/Value Added306-787-2522
Click to ExpandSushmita NandyResearch Specialist, Crops306-787-5924
Click to ExpandJeff BraidekSenior Research Specialist, Saskatoon306-933-6016
Click to ExpandDanielle StephensResearch Specialist, Agronomy306-787-9183
Click to ExpandKaren WillisAccounting Clerk306-787-6562
Click to ExpandSharon PoppData Base Co-ordinator306-787-5929
Click to ExpandHannah NguyenEvaluation Co-ordinator306-787-2837
Click to ExpandLei RenResearch Specialist, Forage and Agri-Environment306-787-6588

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