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   Wednesday, December 13, 2017
Saskatchewan Government Telephone Directory


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Saskatchewan Government
Agencies, Boards and Commissions
Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute (PAMI)
Saskatchewan Operations
Telephone Number:
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Box 1150, Humboldt, SK, Canada, S0K 2A0
2215 8th Avenue, Hwy #5 West
Click to ExpandJames WassermannVice President306-682-5033
Click to ExpandPhilip LeducSenior Manager, Research and Development306-682-5033
Click to ExpandLes HillManager, Business Development, Agriculture and Bioenergy306-682-5033
Click to ExpandTroy LucyshynManager, Industry and Resources306-682-5033
Click to ExpandLaurie SzautnerExecutive Assistant306-682-5033
Click to ExpandJennifer FleischhackerAdministrative Assistant306-682-5033
Click to ExpandMarina HaeuslerResource Scheduler306-682-5033
Click to ExpandMaurina KimmenAdministrative Supervisor306-682-5033
Click to ExpandDianne LepageAdministrative Assistant306-682-5033
Click to ExpandNathan GreggProject Manager, Applied Agricultural Services306-682-5033
Click to ExpandLarry JorgensonProject Manager, Industry and Transportation Services306-682-5033
Click to ExpandHubert LandryProject Manager. Defence Analysis Services306-682-5033
Click to ExpandGary NiekampProject Manager, Defence Engineering Services306-682-5033
Click to ExpandDerek RudeProject Manager, Agricultural Development Services306-682-5033
Click to ExpandEdwin Gono SantosaProject Leader306-682-5033
Click to ExpandBrent HergottProject Technologist306-682-5033
Click to ExpandCharles HillProject Support306-682-5033
Click to ExpandBruce HodginsProject Technician306-682-5033
Click to ExpandDave KellyProject Leader306-682-5033
Click to ExpandMurray KosokowskyProject Leader306-682-5033
Click to ExpandBryan LungProject Leader306-682-5033
Click to ExpandPatricia LungProject Leader306-682-5033
Click to ExpandRoy MakiProject Leader306-682-5033
Click to ExpandMark MarianchukProject Leader306-682-5033
Click to ExpandJoel McDonaldProject Leader306-682-5033
Click to ExpandPeter RhodesProject Leader306-682-5033
Click to ExpandCarrie SampsonProject Leader306-682-5033
Click to ExpandWayne StockProject Leader306-682-5033
Click to ExpandAlan WhittakerProject Leader306-682-5033
Click to ExpandJason WilgerProject Leader306-682-5033
Click to ExpandAdam WilkinsonProject Leader306-682-5033
Click to ExpandMyrna BritzQuality Systems Supervisor306-682-5033
Click to ExpandGregory BurtonComputer and Electronics Supervisor306-682-5033
Click to ExpandJenna BaumlElectronics Support306-682-5033
Click to ExpandJason BendelElectronics Support306-682-5033
Click to ExpandAlex CampbellElectronics Support306-682-5033
Click to ExpandGarry FreistadtElectronics Support306-682-5033
Click to ExpandJason HarmonComputer Systems Administrator306-682-5033
Click to ExpandScott KennedyMechanical Support306-682-5033
Click to ExpandRyan KolonoskyElectronics Engineering Technologist306-682-5033
Click to ExpandCarla McLarenElectronics Support306-682-5033
Click to ExpandGreg PascalElectronics Support306-682-5033
Click to ExpandMike PuliceElectronics Support306-682-5033
Click to ExpandTed BayShop Supervisor306-682-5033
Click to ExpandAndrew RauertAssistant Shop Supervisor306-682-5033
Click to ExpandRob CameronFabricator306-682-5033
Click to ExpandLawrence ClassenFabricator306-682-5033
Click to ExpandTyler DiesShop Support306-682-5033
Click to ExpandGordon DoepkerMaintenance306-682-5033
Click to ExpandTyler FreriksShop Technician306-682-5033
Click to ExpandAaron GaudreauMaintenance306-682-5033
Click to ExpandRyan KellerShipper/Receiver306-682-5033
Click to ExpandGarth MuyresShop Technician306-682-5033
Click to ExpandLorne NiekampShop Technician306-682-5033
Click to ExpandDarryl PerlettFabricator306-682-5033
Click to ExpandBlair ThiemannFabricator306-682-5033

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