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        Tuesday, March 19, 2019
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Saskatchewan Government
Student Achievement and Supports
Assessment Unit
Telephone Number:
Mailing Address:
7th Floor, 2220 College Avenue, Regina, SK, Canada, S4P 4V9
Click to ExpandKevin TonitaDirector306-787-1097
Click to ExpandMichelle L'Heureux DearbornAdministrative Assistant306-787-6037
Click to ExpandChris AtkinsonEducational Consultant306-787-6684
Click to ExpandJacques DelormeEducational Consultant306-787-5999
Click to ExpandNathalie Gareau GelinasEducational Consultant306-787-1323
Click to ExpandJolene Holtvogt-BriensEducational Consultant306-787-8029
Click to ExpandKeith MuirEducational Consultant306-787-2362
Click to ExpandMaxine PennerEducational Consultant306-787-2534
Click to ExpandAngella PinayEducational Consultant306-533-1571
Click to ExpandLisa PoirierFrench Assessment Consultant306-787-3897
Click to ExpandWendy SawatzkyEducational Consultant306-787-0945
Click to ExpandMarie-Rose KidudiProvincial Exam Preparation Coordinator306-787-1305
Click to ExpandCorinna TaylorProvincial Exam Preparation Coordinator306-787-2372
Click to ExpandChristina RadonsExam Room Supervisor & Application Coordinator306-787-6006
Click to ExpandKeith ZimmermanMail/Shipper Receiver Clerk306-787-7950
Click to ExpandSeanna CookDocument Processing Clerk306-787-7950

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