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       Saturday, March 24, 2018
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Saskatchewan Government
Social Services
North Service Area
Prince Albert Service Centre
Child and Family Services
Telephone Number:
Toll Free:
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Physical Address:
Box 3003, Prince Albert, SK, Canada, S6V 6G1
4th Floor, L.F. Mcintosh Building
Click to ExpandAmy AcornActing Supervisor, Child Protection306-953-2382
Click to ExpandCandice AprilSupervisor Youth Resources306-953-3783
Click to ExpandAmber BrassSupervisor; Children's Services306-953-3278
Click to ExpandGillian CookActing Supervisor, High Cost Placements306-953-3613
Click to ExpandBrenda DeppelerActing Manager, Out of Home Care North West306-953-2566
Click to ExpandBryanne GambleActing Supervisor, Children's Services306-953-2667
Click to ExpandKelly KawulaActing Supervisor, Youth Resources306-953-2664
Click to ExpandValleen PicheSupervisor, Child Protection - Ongoing Unit 1306-953-2911
Click to ExpandJanis TournierSupervisor, Family Connections306-953-2904
Click to ExpandKim WerrettSupervisor, Child Protection306-953-2383
Click to ExpandJennifer ConnollyAssistant Supervisor, Child Protection Intake306-953-2386
Click to ExpandCori HrabiaAssistant Supervisor, Foster Care Resources, Resources306-953-2282
Click to ExpandAmanda LofstromAssistant Supervisor, Child Protection306-953-3608
Click to ExpandJoleen MartinActing Assistant Supervisor Child Protection Ongoing Unit 1306-953-2907
Click to ExpandSusan RivestActing Assistant Supervisor, Child Protection306-953-3783
Click to ExpandSara VenneAssistant Supervisor, Child Protection Intake306-953-2360
Click to ExpandBreanne AcornChild Protection Worker306-953-3950
Click to ExpandDestiny Adams-BeavereyeChild Protection Worker306-953-2267
Click to ExpandCorinne AnthonyChild Protection Worker, Ongoing Unit #3306-952903
Click to ExpandKendra BanmanChild Protection Worker306-953-2388
Click to ExpandTaylor BannermanChild Protection Worker306-953-2907
Click to ExpandAmanda BucsisChild Protection Worker306-953-3364
Click to ExpandKym ChildressChild Protection Worker306-765-2589
Click to ExpandKelsey ClarkChild Protection Worker306-953-2388
Click to ExpandLindsay CottinghamResource Worker, P.R.I.D.E. Provincial Training Team306-953-2541
Click to ExpandAshley EdminsonChild Protection Worker - Ongoing Unit 1306-953-2388
Click to ExpandStacy GrewalChild Protection Worker306-953-2726
Click to ExpandChelcy GustChild Protection Worker306-953-3364
Click to ExpandJasmine HaugenResources Worker306-953-2784
Click to ExpandSarah HelmondChild Protection Worker306-953-3258
Click to ExpandCorinne HemingwayChildren's Services Worker - High Cost Placements306-953-5354
Click to ExpandMelanie HonishChildren's Services Worker306-953-3616
Click to ExpandDaniel HopkinsResources Worker306-953-2547
Click to ExpandChantelle HovdeboResources Worker306-953-2524
Click to ExpandElsie JacobsenFamily Connections Planner306-953-5333
Click to ExpandJohanna KwanChild Protection Worker, Ongiong Unit 2306-953-2643
Click to ExpandDarlene Lafayette-HunterChildren's Services Worker306-953-3610
Click to ExpandCarole LongjohnCommunity Youth Worker306-953-2276
Click to ExpandAshley LummerdingChildren's Services Worker306-953-3225
Click to ExpandChristin McNabChild Protection Worker306-953-2422
Click to ExpandApril NechvatelChild Protection Worker306-953-2422
Click to ExpandPaige PetitChildren's Services Worker306-953-3610
Click to ExpandCamille PicheChild Protection Worker306-953-2391
Click to ExpandJamie PrenticeFamily Connections Planner306-953-2961
Click to ExpandTiffany PrimeauChild Protection Worker306-953-2565
Click to ExpandKayla PrudenChild Protection Worker306-953-2743
Click to ExpandAllison RiekmanChild Protection Worker306-953-2329
Click to ExpandBrittani RumpelChildren's Services Worker306-953-7709
Click to ExpandRene RusawFamily Connections Planner306-953-2629
Click to ExpandMatrika SchrockChild Protection Worker306-953-2310
Click to ExpandMegan ShindleResources Worker306-953-3610
Click to ExpandKelsey ShouseChild Protection Worker306-953-3228
Click to ExpandLorna Smart-DucharmeResource Worker, Foster Care Resources306-953-3791
Click to ExpandTeresa SmithChild Protection Worker306-953-2407
Click to ExpandJennifer SteneChild Protection Worker306-953-2898
Click to ExpandKelsey TkachukChild Protection Worker306-953-2422
Click to ExpandNicole TkachukChild Protection Worker306-953-2422
Click to ExpandBrianna WarkChild Protection Worker306-953-2267
Click to ExpandKeri WhitlockChild Protection Case-Aide306-953-3799
Click to ExpandMelanie WozniakChildren's Services Worker306-953-3281
Click to ExpandCheryl BergenChild Protection Case-Aide306-953-2422
Click to ExpandJulia BrogliattoChild Protection Worker - Ongoing Unit 1306-953-2904
Click to ExpandAllan DangelChild Protection Case-Aide306-953-2571
Click to ExpandSarah GauthierCase Aide, Child Protection306-953-2534
Click to ExpandAlderic GeorgetCase Aide, Child Protection306-953-2692
Click to ExpandKrystal HadlowCase Aide, Child Protection Ongoing Unit 1306-953-2656
Click to ExpandAlisha KrieseCase Aide, Child Protection306-953-2564
Click to ExpandJennifer StephensCase Aide, Child Protection306-953-2534
Community Response Services

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