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      Monday, December 17, 2018
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Saskatchewan Government
Social Services
Centre Service Area
Saskatoon Service Centre
Child and Family Programs - Centre Service Area
Telephone Number:
Mailing Address:
122 3rd Avenue N, Saskatoon, SK, Canada, S7K 2H6
Click to ExpandNikole BullerManager, Service Delivery306-933-6075
Click to ExpandLisa CaronActing Manager306-933-6068
Click to ExpandHeather CarterManager, Service Delivery306-933-6068
Click to ExpandJanice CoatesManager, Service Delivery306-933-6068
Click to ExpandHeather MillerManager, Service Delivery306-933-6068
Click to ExpandCarmen NoklebyManager, Workforce Development306-933-6205
Click to ExpandKandis PrymaManager, Service Delivery306-933-6068
Click to ExpandLaura TeedAC/Manager, Service Delivery306-933-6075
Click to ExpandAlison BruceCrown Counsel306-933-6671
Click to ExpandLee HnatiukCrown Counsel, Child & Family Services306-964-1426
Click to ExpandJamesy PatrickCrown Counsel306-964-1426
Click to ExpandAlanna RuehlenCrown Counsel, Child & Family Services306-933-5187
Click to ExpandKathryn CrandellChild Protection Worker306-933-6202
Click to ExpandLindsay McLellanChild Protection Worker306-964-1726
Click to ExpandSheena CarltonSupervisor306-933-6468
Click to ExpandClaudette GagnonCFP Recruitment Consultant306-964-1496
Click to ExpandWendy MaddinSupervisor306-933-7793
Click to ExpandCharlene MartellSupervisor306-933-6100
Click to ExpandAlisha MawsonSupervisor306-933-6207
Click to ExpandNancy McGregorSupervisor306-933-6056
Click to ExpandMatthew ShaddenAC/Supervisor306-933-7151
Click to ExpandJodi SimpsonSupervisor306-933-6206
Click to ExpandMary WallSupervisor306-964-1108
Click to ExpandShirley CousinsSupervisor306-933-5196
Click to ExpandSarah AbbsChild Protection Worker306-933-6066
Click to ExpandDisa AmyotteChild Protection Worker306-933-5596
Click to ExpandShelley ArcandChild Protection Worker306-933-6285
Click to ExpandJenessa BaierAssistant Supervisor306-221-9640
Click to ExpandDana BakerSupervisor306-933-6080
Click to ExpandRobert BasioveChild Protection Worker306-933-7300
Click to ExpandAllison BearStudent-Family Connections Planner306-933-6569
Click to ExpandBrittany BrunnCase Assistant306-220-5786
Click to ExpandEhrn BulaiChild Protection Worker306-280-7899
Click to ExpandAmanda Carr16/17 Program Youth Worker306-933-6248
Click to ExpandJudy CarriereFamily Connections Planner306-933-5035
Click to ExpandJessica ChicknessResource Worker306-250-8156
Click to ExpandPriscilla ChisholmChild Protection Worker306-221-3818
Click to ExpandChanelle ChristieChild Protection Worker306-964-1389
Click to ExpandJessica CochraneChild Protection Worker306-933-7501
Click to ExpandAaron Cruz16/17 Year Old Program Youth Worker306-933-6248
Click to ExpandLauren DahlChildren's Services Worker306-933-6957
Click to ExpandRomona DarmokidAssistant Supervisor306-933-7507
Click to ExpandAdam DayYouth Services Worker306-933-7318
Click to ExpandMelanie DecemberPRIDE Consultant Trainer306-933-5580
Click to ExpandApril DerksonYouth Services Worker306-933-6069
Click to ExpandNita DesmaraisCase Assistant306-933-5043
Click to ExpandTerri DouglasSupervisor306-933-8210
Click to ExpandAmy DyckResource Worker306-933-6129
Click to ExpandHeather EnnsChild Protection Worker306-933-6091
Click to ExpandJayne EnnsChild Protection Worker306-964-1466
Click to ExpandBrittney ErixonChild Protection Worker306-290-8851
Click to ExpandAlicia Feser SSChild & Family Services306-933-7152
Click to ExpandCindy FiddlerSubject Matter Expert - Enterprise Projects and Linkin306-933-7394
Click to ExpandKendra FieldChild Protection Worker306-933-7491
Click to ExpandMegan FortowskyAdoption Worker306-933-7606
Click to ExpandJanaya FothYouth Services Worker306-933-1107
Click to ExpandCrystal FrankFamily Connections Planner306-221-9908
Click to ExpandKris GerhardtAssistant Supervisor, Child and Family Programs306-933-7488
Click to ExpandPatricia GonzalezResource Worker306-964-1382
Click to ExpandLyndsey GrotheimYouth Services Worker306-964-1461
Click to ExpandChalaina HainsworthChild Protection Worker306-222-9947
Click to ExpandRobyn HawesChild Protection Worker306-933-5824
Click to ExpandLaura HayeSupervisor306-933-6261
Click to ExpandChelsea HeidtChild Protection Worker306-933-7421
Click to ExpandKaitlyn HoffmanChild Protection Worker306-250-3445
Click to ExpandScott HornChild Protection Worker306-291-5516
Click to ExpandLisa HudsonChild Protection Worker306-933-6125
Click to ExpandLori HughesSupervisor306-933-6237
Click to ExpandLindsey JessopChildren's Services Worker306-933-5160
Click to ExpandLouisa JohnsonResource Worker306-964-1729
Click to ExpandNettie JohnstonAdoption Worker306-933-7372
Click to ExpandShauna Joyce-MockChild Protection Worker306-933-7490
Click to ExpandDiana KagaboCrown Counsel306-933-5545
Click to ExpandChristine KelleherSupervisor306-964-1720
Click to ExpandJessica KinzelChild Protection Worker306-933-7180
Click to ExpandCarmen KlassenAssistant Supervisor306-933-7611
Click to ExpandCindy KlassenSupervisor306-933-8014
Click to ExpandCorey KosokowskyYouth Worker 16/17 Program306-933-6057
Click to ExpandLynne KosturCase Assistant306-933-5668
Click to ExpandThea KowalczykAssistant Supervisor306-933-6952
Click to ExpandMegan KuprashAssistant Supervisor306-933-7781
Click to ExpandVirginia LaneAssistant Supervisor306-933-6463
Click to ExpandJasmine LathlinChild Protection Worker306-933-6384
Click to ExpandJenny (Youngkyung) LeeChild and Family Programs Worker306-964-1464
Click to ExpandMichaela LeedahlYouth Services Worker306-933-6057
Click to ExpandKendall MacMillanChild Protection Worker306-933-7502
Click to ExpandJennifer MacsymicChild Protection Worker306-933-6082
Click to ExpandMelissa MaxwellChild Protection Worker306-930-7086
Click to ExpandJason McCarthyFamily Connections Planner306-933-7362
Click to ExpandNancy McGregorSupervisor306-933-5783
Click to ExpandKendall McKeeYouth Services Worker306-933-8269
Click to ExpandLindsay McLellanChild Protection Worker306-964-1726
Click to ExpandRebecca MichaylukYouth Services Worker306-933-6087
Click to ExpandMelodie Milne-PetersonAssistant Supervisor306-933-6010
Click to ExpandDeborah MooneyActing Supervisor306-933-7110
Click to ExpandEvelle MorrisFamily Connections Planner306-933-6010
Click to ExpandAmber MortsonChildren's Services Worker306-964-1722
Click to ExpandLacie MunhollandChild Protection Worker306-933-6282
Click to ExpandHeather MusquaChild and Family Programs Worker306-964-1478
Click to ExpandApril NechvatelFamily Services Worker306-933-6131
Click to ExpandLaura NeiserChild Protection Worker306-229-9954
Click to ExpandFaye NorrisChild and Family Programs Worker306-933-7701
Click to ExpandDawn OlivierAssistant Supervisor306-933-8480
Click to ExpandJordan OlszewskiChild Protection Worker306-221-5380
Click to ExpandGeraldine OpwamFamily Connections Planner306-964-1463
Click to ExpandBritney PalmerChild Protection Worker306-933-5706
Click to ExpandCandace PappAssistant Supervisor306-281-5168
Click to ExpandStephanie ParenteauAdoption Worker306-933-6956
Click to ExpandLorissa PaschinskiActing Assistant Supervisor306-280-1261
Click to ExpandKariana PawliwResource Worker306-933-6023
Click to ExpandJocelyn PedersonChild Protection Worker306-933-6571
Click to ExpandDenae PellerinChild Protection Worker306-933-6103
Click to ExpandJennifer PelletierTherapeutic Foster Care Worker306-933-7951
Click to ExpandStephanie PetrasChild Protection Worker306-933-6466
Click to ExpandJulia Pilon-SmithFamily Connections Planner306-964-1721
Click to ExpandChristine PlemelSupervisor306-933-6287
Click to ExpandKrista PowellChild Protection Worker306-221-1183
Click to ExpandNicole QuewezanceChild Protection Worker306-933-7180
Click to ExpandCarrie RoblinActing Supervisor306-933-8068
Click to ExpandDavid SantosiChild Procteciton Worker306-230-1127
Click to ExpandDanene ScottAdoption Worker306-964-1199
Click to ExpandJoanne ScrattonResource Worker306-933-5604
Click to ExpandAshley SharpeChild Protection Worker306-250-8154
Click to ExpandRae Shoofey-StablerChild Protection Worker306-933-6565
Click to ExpandGillian SmithChild Protection Worker306-933-6955
Click to ExpandLeah SpicerFamily Connections Planner306-220-3393
Click to ExpandNatasha SwaokAssistant Supervisor306-933-6007
Click to ExpandCrimson TaylorChild Protection Worker306-933-6437
Click to ExpandSara ThackerResource Worker306-933-6208
Click to ExpandElise ThompsonChild Protection Worker306-933-5399
Click to ExpandNicole TkachukChild Protection Worker306-250-1996
Click to ExpandErin TorgunrudCase Assistant306-281-7353
Click to ExpandSamantha TuckerFamily Service Worker306-933-6074
Click to ExpandKatrina Vardeh-EsakianAssistant Supervisor306-933-6083
Click to ExpandKaren Wall16/17 Program Youth Worker306-933-7445
Click to ExpandAshley WestgardChild Protection Worker306-290-6880
Click to ExpandJordan WhiteChild Protection Worker306-933-7414
Click to ExpandKeri WhitlockCase Assistant306-230-8822
Click to ExpandSarah WiebeAdoption Worker306-933-6115
Click to ExpandNitara YablonksiChild Protection Worker306-933-6139
Click to ExpandLeanne YantzAssistant Supervisor306-933-6061
Click to ExpandCharity YoungResource Worker306-964-1341
Click to ExpandShelby AntonResource Worker306-371-9390
Click to ExpandAdonica AnweilerChild Protection Worker306-933-7610
Click to ExpandJessica BearStudent-Child Protection Worker306-964-1730
Click to ExpandKimberley BearChild Protection Worker306-933-6073
Click to ExpandNicole BudayChild Protection Worker306-933-6403
Click to ExpandTammy ButlerAdoption Worker306-933-6056
Click to ExpandMelissa ChurkoChild Protection WorkerNo Telephone Number Found
Click to ExpandKim DevonshireCase Assistant306-933-7141
Click to ExpandRuanne DiederichsChildren's Services Worker306-964-1724
Click to ExpandRayna FisherChild Protection Worker306-964-1498
Click to ExpandHillary GamelinSupervisor306-933-8020
Click to ExpandKristin GeiselChildren's Services Worker306-933-5754
Click to ExpandJaclyn GessnerResource Worker306-933-5565
Click to ExpandCourtney GilmourChild Protection Worker306-933-5521
Click to ExpandJanet GunnChildren's Services Worker306-933-8298
Click to ExpandRob GunnChildren's Services Worker306-933-6668
Click to ExpandNatasha HarderTherapeutic Foster Care Worker306-964-1497
Click to ExpandCharmaine HeckChildren's Services Worker306-933-7782
Click to ExpandAngela HeistadSupervisor306-933-6568
Click to ExpandCindi JorgensenFamily Connections Planner306-933-6842
Click to ExpandFernando KowalChild Protection Worker306-933-6756
Click to ExpandKara KurylukChildren's Services Worker306-964-1723
Click to ExpandAngela Leas-FullawkaResource Worker306-933-7394
Click to ExpandTamara LeDouxChild Protection Worker306-933-6059
Click to ExpandMargaret MacKenzieAdoption Worker306-250-4898
Click to ExpandConnie MasuskapoeAssistant Supervisor306-933-8490
Click to ExpandMichelle McAllisterChild Protection Worker306-933-6958
Click to ExpandMichelle MelchartAssistant Supervisor306-933-6055
Click to ExpandKindel MoenTherapeutic Foster Care Worker306-933-6036
Click to ExpandChantelle NorrisChild Care Worker306-250-8158
Click to ExpandDawn OlivierAssistant Supervisor306-933-8480
Click to ExpandMitch PatonAssistant Supervisor306-933-6081
Click to ExpandMary Jean PernitskyCase Assistant306-933-5413
Click to ExpandAmber PetersenChild Care Worker306-933-6954
Click to ExpandSara PhaneufResource Worker306-933-5764
Click to ExpandAmanda PottleSupervisor306-933-6640
Click to ExpandJayda RobinsonChild Protection Worker306-933-6841
Click to ExpandTreena RowatAssistant Supervisor306-933-6058
Click to ExpandLyndy SavageChild Protection Worker306-964-1458
Click to ExpandShannon SchmaltzChildren's Services Worker306-933-6491
Click to ExpandMichelle SchneiderAssistant Supervisor306-933-7609
Click to ExpandGillan SmithChild Protection Worker306-933-6955
Click to ExpandKendra SmithAdoption Worker306-933-7173
Click to ExpandChelsea Syrjanen-MaierYouth Services Worker306-933-7394
Click to ExpandJustin TanTherapeutic Foster Care Worker306-933-6051
Click to ExpandAmie-Joy TimmChild Protection Worker306-933-6435
Click to ExpandBrittany UnruhCase Assistant306-220-5786
Click to ExpandKatrina Varden EsakianChild Protection Worker306-221-5380
Click to ExpandTara WattsChildren's Services Worker306-933-6099
Click to ExpandTara WelkeChildren's Services Worker306-933-5077
Click to ExpandKathy Wood-SwainCase Aide Assistant306-933-6424
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