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        Tuesday, March 19, 2019
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Saskatchewan Government
Drug Plan and Extended Benefits Branch
Client Services,Extended Benefits and Policy
Mailing Address:
3475 Albert Street, Regina, SK, Canada, S4S 6X6
Click to ExpandSonja OrbanSenior Policy Analyst306-787-7242
Click to ExpandPamela BryceSenior Policy Analyst306-787-3314
Click to ExpandWanda GablesAssessorNo Telephone Number Found
Click to ExpandSusan YeeManager, Client Services306-787-9268
Click to ExpandJill FarrowPharmacist306-787-6499
Click to ExpandJonas MaPharmacist306-787-1628
Click to ExpandZinnia BitherLead Assessor306-787-3312
Click to ExpandMichelle FlamanA/Lead Assessor306-787-9180
Click to ExpandTrina VelestukLead Assessor306-798-3641
Click to ExpandJayna AmadasunAssessor306-787-9206
Click to ExpandRobin DesjarlaisAssessor306-787-9481
Click to ExpandKelle FriesenAssessor306-787-6910
Click to ExpandColton FritzlerAssessor306-787-6321
Click to ExpandEllen GilliesAssessor306-787-2827
Click to ExpandYvette HildebrandAssessor306-787-0157
Click to ExpandAmanda MoffattAssessor306-787-9206
Click to ExpandKaren MoserAssessor306-787-9529
Click to ExpandReni MunroAssessor306-787-0501
Click to ExpandDarlene SeabrookAssessor306-787-6664
Click to ExpandLorraine ShawAssessor306-787-4564
Click to ExpandAmy SolomonAssessor306-787-8899
Click to ExpandSunie SongAssessor306-787-3313
Click to ExpandJason CharbonneauProgram Support306-798-0867
Click to ExpandRhonda PierceProgram Support306-787-8392
Click to ExpandAngela IrvingNo Telephone Number Found

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